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Join the Slack

Are you a fan of Crucible Radio?

Want to meet, play with and learn from other Crucible Radio fans?

Looking for other players with a welcoming, inclusive, growth-oriented mindset?

Then you should join our Slack chat!

This private, community-only chat is home to thousands of Crucible Radio listeners. Talk strategy, find groups to play with, analyze your latest weapon drops or just hang out in #orbit and post pictures of enchiladas.

Here’s how you apply:

Send an email to and include the following:

  • Your PSN/GT and system
  • Your current skill level – are you a Lighthouse sherpa, or looking for some advice on how to get there?
  • A little information about your history with Destiny
  • Your location and timezone
  • Why do you want to join the Slack?

Take some time to tell us about yourself – this is a community, not an LFG site – and please allow at least a week for your application to be processed.